Psychotherapy and counselling is a safe place where
you can truly be yourself and feel comfortable
opening up about what you are experiencing in your life.
All counselling is completely confidential.

People seek counselling support for many different
reasons. You may want to discuss anxiety, depression,
fear, grief/loss, relationship issues, communication,
pregnancy/childbirth, education and career, self-esteem,
motivation, goal setting, body image, eating disorders,
addictions, sexuality and much more. This is not an
extensive list and you should be comfortable bringing
whatever you want to discuss into the counselling

As we navigate through our life and lived
experiences we may reach a point where we need extra
support. You may be feeling ‘stuck’, anxious or
experiencing emotional pain.  When you feel this way,
it is extremely reassuring to have another person with
whom you can talk to. Having a counsellor enables you
to work through these feelings and develop the best
coping strategies for your life.

My work is influenced by Client-Centered and Narrative
therapy, but I do not practice solely with these methods.
Many different techniques can come into play in my
sessions and ultimately, this will be dependent on the
person I am working with.  As a Client-Centered therapist
I create a comfortable, safe, non-judgmental, and
confidential counselling environment.  I am non-directive
and show genuineness, empathy and positive regard.
I act as a facilitator in helping you find the best solutions
to your problems.  My Narrative therapy approach creates
a collaborative journey and I will focus on the narrative
of your life.  I will take a respectful, non-blaming
approach to counselling and center on how you are the
expert in your own life.  I will also recognize that the
problems in your life are separate from you and assume
that you have many skills, competencies, beliefs, values
and abilities that will help you to reduce the influence
of the problem in your life.